Peruse our extensive selection of stemware and specialty glasses for your cocktail hour, wine tasting, fabulous punch, ice cold tea or champagne toast. You're sure to find just what you need for your favorite festive beverage.

Our damage waiver will cover any breakage, so no need to stress, and the glasses will be clean and spot free. You have our word on it. After your event, we ask that you run glassware through your dishwasher (or just rinse it thoroughly) and make sure glasses are completely dry before they are returned to their cartons.

Rental rate for glassware: $8.00- $8.50 per dozen, depending on your selections.

  • Wine glasses $8.00 dozen.
  • Tea and water goblets $8.00 dozen.
  • Bar glasses $8.00 dozen.
  • Champagne glasses $8.50 dozen.
  • Martini glasses $8.50 dozen.
  • Margarita glasses $8.50 dozen.

Wine & Champagne Glasses
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Sundae Glasses & Stemware

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